About us

P2x International is a group of experts based on its members experience in ICT for development.

The founders:

Our services

P2x provides a full range of ICT capacity building and technical assistance services for development:

Fields of expertise

  • We have implemented IT consulting and technical assistance projects in the following fields:

    • Public Administrations and Government
    • Justice and Law
    • Finance
    • Public Health and Social Security
    • Smart Cities and Solid Waste Management
    • International Non-Governmental Organization
    • Communication
    • Higher Education and training

    Our advantages

  • Technical expertise in e-Government and digital transformation
  • Deep experience in MENA region
  • Deep experience in public procurement and European standards (PRAG rules)
  • Assistance to national and international tender procedures
  • Access to a network of expert, who can be mobilized in the framework of IT projects
  • Access to local partners in MENA countries
  • Communication in Arabic, French and English
  • Operational network of opportunities and contacts

    Selected missions

  • Support to the modernization of Justice Administration in Egypt - Europaid (4 years)
  • Support to the modernization of justice in Morocco - Europaid (4 years)
  • A multi-government model of improvement in criminal justice (Tunisia, Lebanon, etc.)
  • Support to the modernization of justice in Lebanon - Europaid (4 years)
  • Support to the modernization of Solid Waste Management in Lebanon (1.5 year)
  • Technical assistance for the modernization of CNAM Lebanon (1.5 year)
  • Security audit in Information System renovation (Morocco)
  • National Database Juridice deployment (France)
  • Technical assistance in a reform project for civil process (Morocco)
  • Institutional portals restructuring (ASP(1), National Assembly,..)(France)
  • R&D in data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence applications, geolocalisation, image processing, etc.